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England have come back to participate in training injuries generals main: 1 person can become a secret weapon. Countdown off against Italy only four days, in the case of Marcelo injured Fabio Coentrao in the left created a huge threat. Also a left Real Madrid defender Matthew, Selo facing poaching possible. According to Italian media, "Turin Sports Daily" message, the whole enveloped in an atmosphere of England before cheap wholesale soccer jerseys the war, the last European Cup elimination at the hands of the Azzurri, three lions down quite satisfied with the meaning. Revenge in sight, gearing up for England captains have expressed confidence in the war.

Recently, in the "Sky Sports" interview, the main team right-back Glen - Johnson compares the first two England: "Last time when we face Italy squad is good, but this time we are stronger in the offensive end. team goes a step further than the last, so we expected to go farther. Italy certainly did not come across this one in England, the year that a team is more focused on defense, and if we can maintain a defensive advantage, then coupled with significant advances in offensive capabilities, we can give them full manufacture some trouble."

wholesale soccer jerseys In the face of Ecuador's race, Johnson's Liverpool team-mate Stirling sent off because of reckless Feichan. At this moment, behind teammate Johnson also chose: "If people underestimate his ability, everyone will ignore him, it will certainly be in our favor, I want people to look down on him, so he will have a chance to prove everyone is wrong of it. whole season he did well, Stirling is ready to learn from the knowledge of the game, he will get better." Talking Liverpool teenager, Johnson behind him than one person. Gerald Henderson's midfield partner in the face of "Mirror" a reporter said:."Stirling is a fantastic player, I think you Liverpool and England in the game have to understand that although the current chance to play much, but this is likely to make him be our secret weapon. Obviously, you can not play the most important role will let him down, but he always kept in training efforts, so he can keep up with the team rhythm, he would become the role they want to be, plus the wisdom of the people around me to help, he needs only to maintain effort and I'm sure he can reach the top, a world-class player."

England before the war also ushered in some good news, received injuries before the official return of Chamberlain has been trained. For his return, Arsenal team-mate Wilshere conceal their excitement to reporters: "He did a great job - a few days after the soccer jerseys wholesale injury recovery is very good, he was still young, the young body is always restored The faster of course, he has his own 24-hour rehabilitation program, we hope to see him on the training ground, he was always positive attitude. seasons Chamberlain received a knee injury, but now he's back, and looks the state great."


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