Planned Gifts

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Arkansas have a variety of vehicles that help donors realize their desire to leave a legacy to the Clubs. Simple Planned Gifts include bequests from wills and trusts, as well as naming the Boys and Girls Club as beneficiary of retirement plans, life insurance contracts, and personal saving accounts.



1.   A gift in your will or living trust.  A simple charitable bequest can provide very meaningful support to our mission as well as reduce the amount of estate and inheritance taxes paid.  Bequests may be specific assets or amounts, or they may be proportional or residual in nature.


2.   A gift of a new or existing life insurance policy.  Many people have life insurance policies that are no longer needed for their original purposes.  Such policies can be given to the Boys & Girls Club and an income tax deduction can be taken for the cash surrender value.  Plus, the annual premiums on a new or existing policy given to the Foundation irrevocably may also be tax deductible.


3.   A beneficiary designation on your life insurance policy.  Without giving up ownership of your life insurance policy, you can still designate the Boys & Girls Club as a whole or partial death beneficiary.  Contact your insurance company for a Change of Beneficiary form.


4.   A gift of financial accounts.  Most checking, savings and brokerage accounts can be bequeathed to the Boys & Girls Club through a simple "payable on death” designation with your financial institution.


5.      A gift of retirement benefits.  Naming the Boys & Girls Club as primary, partial, or contingent beneficiary of your retirement plan is a simple, practical gift idea.  See your personnel office for the proper forms.


6.      A gift of savings bonds.  Many people have fully appreciated savings bonds. These assets cannot be donated during your lifetime without first being converted to cash and generating tax to be paid. By making a gift of savings bonds through your will you can avoid this tax and support our mission.


For additional information or to arrange a confidential gift planning consultation, without obligation, contact:


Cindy Doramus at 501-666-8816 or print out the attached request for information form and mail it to Cindy Doramus, Boys and Girls Club 1616 West 3rd St.   Little Rock, AR 72201. 
You may also visit for more complete information on making a planned gift to the Clubs.

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